By this sign conquer


In my regular 9-5 job I have access to a wide variety of CNC routers of various sizes. I've helped people build everything imaginable with a cnc router, boats, racing cars, 10foot high mushrooms, to standard kitchen cabinets and regular signs.

The machine can be used to create anything, but it's not Rumble Stilskin. You can't just throw some material at it and expect gold.Some skill, forthought and work is required. Here are some things I have made and somethings I have help make. If there's a For Sale link it means you can contact me about buying the piece.

Everything here is not CNC related. I program, make circuits, I have made experimental musical instruments and everything else, so this area is eclectic mix.


Custom CD Case

My rock'n'roll band recorded some songs and we wanted to release a cd. Nobody cares for cds these days, so we wanted to make it special.I had a scrap sheet of plywood and an idea for a puzzle piece cd case so I made some boxes.

I drew up the design, then cut the inside pockets and shapes on a CNC Router. I then painted the front of the box and engraved the band logo. I cut a stencil and we sprayed the cds with paint. I think we did the spraying on the side of the road in an industrial area in San Francisco.


A Simple Canjo

Chock Full O Nut brand coffe comes in a very nice tin can. I had been saving them for a while when the lady sent me a link to some Appalachian Music store, with a "Let's make this with your stupid cans."

So we did, I routed some 2x4s, made a stencil with a diatonic scale and we drilled some holes in the cans. They sound great.


Scrap-abble Board

A bar I used to frequent had a couple of patrons who liked the game of scrabble. So I printed the scoring board and pasted it onto some wood. I cut the bars name into boards and made the letter tiles from the font the Misfits(band) use, it looked really nice.


Crab Shack Sign

I had some nice looking beams laying around and dicided to but them to use. I used the pictured CNC router to make the raised lettes and then engraved an image of a crap on each side. I later stained the wood, it spent some time outside and now has a really nice weathered look about it.