By this sign conquer


Fix, modify, change, I don't like to see a problem remain unsolved. Most of my day to day is spent fixing things, be it a real problem with a machine, an imagined problem that people need educating on or a piece of software not acting the way it should. So when I am at home, I tend to fix things there too.

Led Light

Flash Light Improvment

Normal incandescent bulbs in flash lights tend to run down batteries very quickly, it is essientially a short circuit across the battery.

After coming back from a camping trip and suffering a dead battery situation I decided to replace the bulb with a couple of ultra bright LEDS. The results where good, and battery life extended ten fold.

Apple LED Thing

Apple Computer

Probably can't be strictly called a fix, but I'm going to make this better. This is a work in progress.

Most people would keep on walking when they see a computer from the 80's in the rubbish. Not this guy. I plan filling that giant gray space on the machine with an LED array and linking the keyboard to an Arduino to control everything. The board is also full of small chips with the apple logo on them. I see some etsy type jewlery siliness in then end of this project.

Watch my blog for progress on this project.

Apple LED Thing

CasioTone MT35

Some body was throwing out this nice little keyboard, all because it would no longer power on. I took it apart and with some fault finding I found a small diode had blown. A new part, that cost less than 20cents, and the smoothe tunes where kicking out of this baby again.


10 Dollar Guitar

I got this guitar in a lot of two for $20 on an aution website. The face plate was broken, the electronics a mess, and the tuners where pastic.

I made a new plate on the CNC router, rewired the pick-ups and replaced the tunning heads. It now makes some nice garage rock sounds and stays in tune most of the time.