By this sign conquer


Design to create, fashion, execute, or contruct according to a plan. Sometimes i like to dive in, somethimes it's best to plan.


A Slot Together Shelving System
I really like the idea of constructing items with minimal assembly and hardware. This is a system of shelves eight rows high and four columns wide.

The system is made from 1/2 inch MDF, and is assembled without any hardware. It simply slots together and produces a solid shelving unit. The unit in my workspace has been dissembled many times and is till a solid piece.


Wall Mounted Guitar Rack
This is a wall mount in a deer head shape. A hard plastic was used for the deer head to eliminate any damage to the guitar neck.


The Skull Cupboard
I wanted to make a functional utility cupboard using the skull and crossbones motif.

Made from a combination of 1/2inch and 3/4inch plywood this cupboard used the pattern of the skulls as handles to open the doors.