By this sign conquer

Me and Bike


By This Sign Conquer is John T. He is neither young nor good looking.

He has worked in Technological Industries for over 15 years. He received a degree in electronic engineering some time ago, and has not stopped learning and exploring new concepts since then. His most often used skills lie in Electronics, Programing, Robotics, CNC, CAD, CAM,Problem solving, Organising, and GSD*.

He lives in New York. He is not very comfortable talking about him self in the third person, so he will stop now.

I constructed this site for many reasons,here are some of them:

  • To list some of the projects I have worked on.
  • To provide light tether to allow me to keep track of the personel projects I started and should finish.
  • So when people ask me "what do you do?" I can direct them here and they will know 25% of what I do.
For comments and questions please email me at

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